At ABC Accelerator we strive to partner with exceptional startups that have the potential to redefine industries and shape the future.

Our investment criteria have been crafted to ensure we focus on businesses where we can drive the most value.

We encourage entrepreneurs and leadership teams who believe their companies meet these criteria to reach out to us.

Let’s join forces to accelerate growth and create substantial market impact.

Innovative solutions

We are passionate about companies that use unique and disruptive ideas or technologies to solve real-world problems. We value those who not only dream of change but also have a feasible plan for achieving it.

Strong leadership team

We believe that the success of a company relies on its leadership. Therefore, we look for teams that possess a compelling mix of industry expertise, business insight, and unwavering passion.

Proven market traction

We prioritize businesses that have already made significant inroads in their target markets. Evidence of product/market fit, growing customer base, and increasing revenue are key markers that we look for.

Revenue model

We look for businesses with a clear, sustainable path to profitability. This could be through a proven revenue model or a convincing plan that demonstrates a strong understanding of the market dynamics.

Strategic fit

Our goal is to add value beyond the provision of capital. We look for opportunities where our expertise, networks, and resources can help accelerate a company’s growth.

Stage of development

While we primarily focus on early-stage investments, we remain open to opportunities across all stages of a company’s lifecycle, provided they meet our other criteria.