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About – ABC Values & Culture

When you invest, you invest in people.

ABC (Acceleration Business City) is the private acceleration group dedicated to the best entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Focusing on strong, globally ambitious startups with a finished product, ABC accelerates multiple generations of startups every year. It sources startups through a Global network of institutions such as incubators, universities, and co-working spaces, and brings them to-wards its network of investors and corporations. Our main uniqueness is that we want to disrupt physical accelerators around the world with our unique Virtual Accelerator Platform accessible anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

ABC is strategically connected to large, multinational enterprises like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and BMW. It is also supported by Harvard and Berkeley Universities. Through this collaboration, ABC can offer its accelerated companies a very wide network and unique access to potential customers, as well as ensuring investment and a push to the global market.

Opening offices worldwide and connecting all the players in the startup ecosystem is crucial. ABC accelerator proved that an ecosystem that already exists, needs to be connected in order to create a revolutionary movement of improvement and attract the best startups and investors.

Through our accelerators in Slovenia (Ljubljana), Germany (Munich) and Silicon Valley (San Jose) we are creating a global bridge for startups.  To increase this effect, we are also offering unique programs where we connect the worlds of startups and corporations.

ABC – Acceleration Business City is a corporation with emphasis on supporting and creating the best global startups and international unicorns.

In order to achieve that, ABC knows that the most valuable asset to a startup business are its people. Therefore, the strongest value of ABC accelerator is its team – we are family. We are all about making successful startups and at the same time create vital personal relationships.

With us, its is not just business, it is also very personal.

Time is passing by very quickly and we are growing as a company every day. Therefore, it was extremely important to define our core values precisely. From our core values, we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategy.

We believe in our 6 core values:

  • focus
  • fun
  • personal approach
  • family style
  • trust
  • honesty

We are a team and a family. We respect each other and we all love what we do. Most importantly, we are all driven by the same goal & vision and we are fulfilled by doing what matters.

Our environment is always filled with a positive vibe, laughter, determination, and focus. We want everyone to feel relaxed and we want our workplace to be fun and sometimes stressful. We want everyone to feel at home.

Moreover, we are striving to constantly contribute to the greater good of the world, putting great emphasis into our philanthropic endeavors, where we are connected to numerous non-profit organizations.

WeAccelerate …. All The Way UP!

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