Startup Growth Service (SGS) is an exclusive offering of ABC Accelerator in partnership with South Central Ventures that navigate ambitious startups to product market fit and fundraising.


Well, nothing happens until the first sale is made. Then after, you will need money to finance your growth, either from revenue or from fundraising.


So, here we come in with Startup Growth Service, which is all about training and assisting founders with outlier mindset, who need expertise on how to build, finance and execute business.


Are you asking yourself:


  • How to find and satisfy investors that might give you funding?
  • What tools and grips you need to reach recurring revenue growth?
  • Is your startup still worth consuming your energy and money even if you don’t have a market fit on sight?
  • How to structure metrics of sales and financials to make you manage and control your business?


Get your personal coach who knows the answers from his own experience of building and exiting businesses.


Take advantage of direct access to our partners – management team of South Central Ventures and our worldwide business contacts.

How it works


We are willing to share the risk of failure of your startup and as your equity partner we will expect some gains from your future success.


Our coaches will assist you design, organize and manage growth oriented company which will get attraction of customers, investors and strategic buyers.

Results as precondition for equity participation

We don’t take fees for our services. We will expect to receive equity shares in your company, but only after you achieve your first revenue or fundraising as a result of our joint efforts. Accordingly, you’ll be required to sign a partnership agreement before entering SGS under the condition precedent to achieve predefined results.

Coaching logic

There is no classic lecturing. You will get individual, tailored coaching by persons with impressive traction in building and selling companies.


Your personal coach will assist you until you achieve recurring revenue, growth, and/or fundraising. Coaching will be on-site or online, whichever is appropriate. We will expect your full commitment, and yes, it will require hard work. However, rest assured, we wouldn’t invite you without recognizing the high execution capabilities of your team.


  • Professional guidance in building and financing your company for next decade, not just for next six months.
  • Coaching tailored to your startup needs. By solving your specific problems right away, there will be no unnecessary losing of your time and money.
  • Whatever it takes, your coach will keep you focused on value creation for customers.
  • From the first day on, we will build investment readiness of your startup.
  • Access to personal contacts in business and finance of South Central Ventures and ABC’s coaching team.

Where are we different?

You will get an insight track to the top VC fund team who will monitor your performance and assist you in getting ready for investment.

We don’t say goodbye after a couple of months of lecturing program. Your personal coach will stay with you until necessary.

Driven by the success of your business, we will engage all of our worldwide business contacts to help you find partners and scale.

Who we are looking for

  • Outlier mindset of founders with great ambitions.
  • You are actively working on idea, product and company, before or after MVP site.
  • We can recognize your product/solution as potential for investment.


You can qualify for Startup Growth Service by fulfilling the questionnaire here.


We will carefully analyze your team and your value proposition. You can expect an invitation to interview and due diligence of your startup before final selection.