Key benefits

1:1 Coaching

Get 1 on 1 advice how to handle your startup development. Startup Money Bootcamp will give you personalized advice on your company’s specific needs how to reach recurring revenue and how to prepare for successful fundraising.

Solve your sales problems

Test your business model and deck if they fit to the expectations of your clients and investors. Improve your sales and investor deck learning from those who did it, about what your customers and investor really want and get ready for investment.

Test investment readiness with VC investor

Within 5 days at bootcamp you will be coached by VC fund manager and general partner in South Central Ventures – Jure Mikuž and entrepreneur with in depth experience in raising startups – Rok Stritar.

What you get

  • Intense, personal and interactive course about investors’ logic when investing in startups: what they are looking for, how do you find them, when and why they will give you money, what is the perfect pitch for them. And you will know when and how your startup will meet their expectations.
    You will upgrade your pitch deck in direct interaction with active VC investor. Iterative feedback on your financials and pitch will help you shape up the existing or prepare a new one.
  • You will understand the techniques how to achieve recurring revenue, prove the reality of customer needs and implant proper solutions into your product/service design. You will know when and how your startup delivers value to your customers and what you should do to design, organize and manage a sales-oriented company.
  • Work with a peer startup community of a small group of founders at similar development stage.

By the end of bootcamp you will get ready to sell your solution with clarity and simplicity to VC investor and your clients. Prepared for fundraising, you will have your USP perfectly imbedded in your pitch deck.