ABC hub

ABC HUB, It’s not just a coworking space; it is a vibrant community of people whose ideas and creations are changing the world, (and whose impact will be even greater in the future.)


Since 2015, our center in Ljubljana has been empowering startups and young businesses with everything they need to grow and succeed. We provide the perfect environment for developing groundbreaking solutions, making valuable connections, and staying ahead with the latest trends in the business world.


Join us at ABC HUB, where passion meets innovation, and together, we’ll shape a brighter tomorrow.


In the field of venture capital, investing is more than allocating funds – it is about sharing the vision and facilitating the realization of innovative ideas.


Adapt, thrive, and redefine your potential with us.


Today’s businesses face numerous challenges, from lacking understanding of business and customer insights to uncertainty about present or future market conditions.


At ABC Accelerator, we navigate these complexities alongside you. We work to build a culture of agility, delivering value through agile implementations and fostering sustained success.


Understanding the true value of a venture is crucial, not just for entrepreneurs but also for investors, partners, and other stakeholders.