Slovenian company revolutionizing the music business with the power of big data

When data and music collide you get Vibrate! A Slovenian startup and ABC Accelerator’s alumni on a mission to become the IMDb of the music industry. Their vision is, as they said, to revolutionize the way musicians are presented and booked, the use of data in the music business as well as to open the world of live music to everyone.


A fast-growing team of 150+ music experts, organizers, data scientists, engineers, database curators, marketing specialists, writers, designers, product developers and above all music lovers is working on creating a top notch music analytics platform so that artists can get their tracks on the right playlists and radio stations, managers can track their rosters and measure promotional campaigns, and A&Rs can scout rising talent faster.


Recently CNN has explored how Vibrate is transforming the music industry. Read the article here. We are very proud that we were a part of Vibrate’s journey.