»Nobody could have prepared us for what happened in Silicon Valley. You just gotta be there to understand it«, said Mario Kurtović, founder and CEO of Panorganix, after spending an intensive month with ABC in Silicon Valley.

We’ve started our 6th batch in October, 2017 with 5 advanced startups. After one month of acceleration program in Ljubljana, we brought the best 3 to Silicon Valley – Kraftpal, that produces corrugated pallets and is disrupting the pallet industry, Aspida, that created a new broadcasting channel for sports highlights, and Panorganix which produces living lettuce with a top-notch technology. But what they thought was a lot to handle in Ljubljana, just escalated in the Valley.

Ana Lukner, managing director of ABC Silicon Valley explained, »Everything happens so fast here. If you don’t keep up and hustle real hard every single day, you’re out the next day. « So when startups came to the Valley with no clue about the Silicon Valley mindset, we had their backs. We made sure that their pitch is well prepared for Silicon Valley veterans, because what you are explaining in Europe is just a glimpse of what they want to hear in the Valley. Their approach is something like – no hard feelings, but just get straight to the point, and like –  don’t talk about your potential, show us how you’re gonna do it.

It was no sunshine and rainbows for these startups, because while trying to prove that their startup is what Silicon Valley needs, they realized there’s a lot that they still don’t know about their own company. And they learned fast. They had to. And this is just what Valley does to you – you learn fast, you scale fast, if you have what it takes to be the best.

And the reaction from our network? – The best startups you have ever brought. Well prepared with a clear business idea, they know what they want and with ABC’s help they know how to get it.

Like our dear Jeff Arillaga from our close network of advisors and investors summed it up after meeting all of them: “What makes ABC different from other accelerators in Silicon Valley is their hands-on experience that they have with the companies that come here. ABC is like a family. They want to make sure that the companies see the right things within the Valley.’’

And they sure did. A bit shocked about the fast pace that is happening in the Valley, but amazed by the opportunities it offers. Starting with the soft landing, like nice apartments and lively office space at WeWork, to operational services, all the way to a respectful network introductions. They really had a chance to meet the giants from the Valley, as well as entrepreneurs who shared their years of experience and giving them just the input they need to go ALL THE WAY UP!