Silicon Valley is not a place, it's a state of mind.

Stay focused, stay humble, always hustle

Silicon Valley is reserved for the best startups that want to make it happen. And we make it happen!


Silicon Valley means being out of your comfort zone every day.

Focus is everything

Our mission is to create kick ass startups that meet Silicon Valley standards.

Valley is reserved only for the best startups.

Whatever you're thinking, think bigger.

We create an all-inclusive program tailored to your specific requirements.

ABC Accelerator Silicon Valley recruits the finest international startups and exposes them to Silicon Valley’s wealth of resources and capital while changing their mindsets by involving them in the dynamic creativity and exceptional driving forces of Silicon Valley.


ABC Silicon Valley is the headquarters of the ABC Accelerator Group.

With its personalized approach and program, it represents a global home for startups.

We are the bridge between Silicon Valley and the best European startups.

Coming to the Valley is not easy. It takes a lot of work, denial, constant improvements, an amazing team, and a great vision. But through our personal experience, we found out that the Valley takes a lot of time and money just to change your mindset, meet the right people, get an investment, get an office, get an apartment, setup the legal, accounting, insurance and all that small things that going into operating a company here. In a really short time, you will see that these small things become big problems. Time is your biggest threat and that is why startups we pick work only on making business, increasing revenue and get the investment they need. Everything else is our business. Stay focused, move forward!

it’s all about having a unique approach

It’s the startup era, and even though it’s easy to get the data, it’s also easy to get lost in the sea of information, buzz words, accelerators, co-workings, conferences… It’s getting harder for accelerators out there to differentiate their offer from the competition. In the end, isn’t it all the same? You go through the program, get the knowledge and hopefully, get the investment. Right? Hopefully. At ABC (Acceleration Business City) we don’t believe in hope. We believe in hard work and making it happen. And we take it personally. Our family approach makes us unique and recognizable, but it also makes us trustworthy. Not just to you, the startups, but also to the investors. Because when we take you in, we have your back. And we guarantee for you.

Business scale up

Stage 0

Spread on more than 22.000 ft2 – Office space and community for idea developers or companies in search of a perfect place to kick-off their business.

Stage 1

Spread on more than 12.000 ft2 – Acceleration program, for early stage startups with a finished product, searching for rounds up to 1 million eur, who will test & scale their business in ideal testing environment.

Stage 2

Spread on 10.000 ft2 – Entrepreneurial Hub, for growth stage startups searching for A round investments up to 5 million eur, and B round up to 10 million eur, cooperation with German corporations, focused on the European market.

Stage 3

Spread on more than 13.000 ft2 – Ecosystem hub for later stage startups, focused on entering the US market and search for larger investments and partners. Also a hub for corporations who wish to experience the unique traits of Silicon Valley

Stage 0

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Virtual Platform

The accelerators we know today will eventually stop existing, and there will be a new player in the town. We are going virtual and we are taking everybody with. Join the revolution and start exploring the new and exciting ways businesses will be done. The only way to go is UP!

International Partnership Networks


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