Are there any intelligent people developing intelligent things? We’re opening our 5th call.

Our experts will choose up to 30 ‘Intelligent things’ startups ranging across the whole spectrum of the field. We’ll provide funding as well as access to our global mentorship network with experts of the industry. Offices in Munich, Silicon Valley, and starting in 2017 – Bangalore India are on our startups disposal. Since we set up our new office in Munich our startups can now also enjoy direct access to German industry and look for investors there. And don’t even get us started on Silicon Valley! Spread on more than 13.000 ft2 – Ecosystem hub is a perfect and logical next step after acceleration. Once you become a later stage startup and search for larger investment and partners, you can focus on entering the US market. We are here to assist and help you.


TOP 30 selected startups will be invited to spend 3+3 educational months in our intensive program in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We are looking for startups with a product or service ready to grow. Those, which already have revenue or users, have a better chance of persuading our strict jury that they are THE ones that should be accepted.

Our mission will be to improve your team, help you connect with potential customers and introduce you to interested investors.

That shouldn’t be too hard with our unique position in BTC City, support of partners as well as a global network of VCs and business angels. If you want to skyrocket the development of your startup apply until the 5.3.2017

We find European startups really cool, but we also know startups beyond the borders of Europe can be pretty amazing. Therefore, this time we encourage companies to apply from all around the globe. It’s not necessary for startups to have their businesses situated in Ljubljana. However, they will have to spend the first three months of the program here. That is much easier because ABC provides accommodation and helps with the paperwork. Actually many startups decide to also stay here in the following three months of the program, since they are closing investments and deals made during the program and after the Demo Day.

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Let’s sweeten up the deal:

  1. We pick the best startups with the product at least 90% finished
  2. We provide some brunch money – a 15.000 € investment
  3. Selected startups can receive a 35.000 € convertible loan
  4. Psst! Ask us about a 300.000 € loan
  5. We kick you out onto the market to test your product
  6. We help you get data: Track the pulse of the market
  7. We guide you through the process of creating a quality business model
  8. We do what we do best – spread out and sales
  9. We connect you with investors – among us, locally, globally
  10. Voila!

We will be accelerating startups within the following segments:

  • AI & Advanced Machine Learning
  • Intelligent Apps
  • Virtual personal assistants
  • Robots
  • Drones
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Smart appliances
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Digital twin
  • Blockchain and distributed ledgers
  • MASA – mesh app and service architecture

+ everything else that can be considered an intelligent thing. Not sure if you qualify? At ABC Accelerator we like to mix and match. Therefore, we invite startups from other fields to APPLY as well. There’s always a place for those with excellent solutions.

So let’s repeat it. What you get is: 



During the time you spend here, we take you to many events. Some of them are co-organized by ABC such as Coinvest and CESA. You also get a chance to attend events such as Silicon Capital in Luxembourg (1-on-1 with 10 investors), Success Story talks, where you learn from the most influential and inspiring people in the industry.

You get special access to investment conferences under our wings such as: Web Summit, Wolves Summit, Coinvest, PODIM, Shift Split, Belgrade Venture Forum, Balkan Venture Forum, UpVenture, IoT Conference, Meet & Match Conference…
We hosted Success Stories from influencers such as: MASTERCLASSES, WORKSHOPS, PRESS EVENTS AND SPEED DATING WITH VCS, which are just a small part of ABC’s spectrum. In the active period, ABC startups have in general around 150 activities: workshops, Success Stories, Startup Stories…



  • Jeff Burton, a founding team member of Electronic Arts and among others former Executive Director of SkyDeck accelerator from Berkeley
  • Jure Leskovec, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University & Co-Owner and Chief Scientist at Pinterest
  • Nicolai Schaettgen, Managing Partner at MM Ventures GmbH
  • Piotr Bucki, great pitching coach from Poland
  • Nicola Redi, Investment Director, Venture Capital @Vertis SGR
  • Rumen Iliev, Launchub
  • Davorin Štetner, president of CRANE – Croatian network of business angels
  • Frank M. Saviane, CEO of Fast Forward Advisors
  • Peter Kovacs, Head of xLabs and Chief Social Evangelist at iSeeq
  • Andrej Nabergoj, Founder and CEO of Iddiction
  • Patrick Mullane, Executive Director HBX Harvard Business School
  • Hrvoje Prpić, CEO of Trillenium and a board member of CRANE
  • Steli Efti, Co-Founder & CEO of
  • Werner Witscher, New Venture Scouting
  • Riccardo Illy, vice president of the famous Italian food and beverage seller Gruppo Illy
  • Mike Sadowski, Founder & CEO at Brand24. Also, co-founder of popular Polish startups (i.e. or – services visited by more than 3 million unique users monthly)
  • Boyd Johnson, professor at Wesleyan University in Indiana
  • Scott GERBER, CEO of CommunityCo
  • Pier Francesco Geraci, CEO at Traction Management
  • Roberto Pugliese, President & Co-founder at LYL Projects Srl



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